Samizdat Literature Criticism: Overviews And General Studies - Essay

Criticism: Overviews And General Studies

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Hajek, Igor. “Samizdat Literature: An Introduction.” In Goodbye, Samizdat: Twenty Years of Czechoslovak Underground Writing, edited by Marketa Goetz-Stankiewicz, pp. 3-6. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 1992.

[In the following essay, Hajek provides a brief overview of Czech underground writing during the 1970s and later.]

Placed in Bech's hands, it felt lighter than, from the thickness of it, he had expected. Only the right-hand pages held words; the left-hand held mirrored ghosts of words, the other side showing through. He had been returned to some archetypal sense of what a book was: it was an elemental sheaf, bound...

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