Salvage the Bones

by Jesmyn Ward

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How does Esch perceive her pregnancy in Chapter 3 of Salvage the Bones?

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In Chapter 3 of Salvage the BonesEsch does not have fond thoughts of her pregnancy.  She wakes up each day with morning sickness and spends considerable time in the bathroom vomiting.  She is young, so she hides her pregnancy from her family members (who are all male).  Interestingly, Esch's pregnancy in this chapter is juxtaposed with China the dog's recent birth--later in the chapter, China refuses to feed one of her pups, and Skeetah says that China must know that something is wrong with the puppy.  Esch is also feeling that her pregnancy is "wrong"--Manny does not care for her (let alone love her) and shows her no signs of affection.  He just wants her for sex.  Esch begins to feel bitter towards this situation, and her thoughts about Manny negatively color her thoughts about her pregnancy.

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