Sally Benson Anne T. Eaton - Essay

Anne T. Eaton

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[This delightful book, "Stories of the Gods and Heroes," based on "The Age of Fable" by Thomas Bulfinch] fills a real need. Boys and girls will thoroughly enjoy it, older readers will find it a pleasant way of brushing up their mythological knowledge and will take satisfaction in giving it to young people in whose reading they are interested.

Some of the stories have been rewritten, others have been cut, edited and clarified, but the flavor of the older book remains, for the dialogue, as Miss Benson explains, is in most cases the dialogue of Mr. Bulfinch, which he carefully translated from Greek and Latin legends or from Virgil and Homer. As stories of mythology are not simple, the author has made no effort to write them simply, and has followed Mr. Bulfinch's grand, flowing style. She has selected twenty-eight tales leaving out the less interesting and more involved stories. The result is a book within the grasp of children from 10 on, but one that has a flavor and quality that will be enjoyed by a reader of any age. (p. 22)

Anne T. Eaton, "Children's Books: 'Stories of the Gods and Heroes'," in The New York Times Book Review (© 1940 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), November 10, 1940, pp. 22, 26.