The Salem Witch Trials

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How was life during the Salem Witch Trials?

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The Salem Witch Trials occurred in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Life in Salem at this time was very peculiar and different for each person involved. First, Salem itself was an odd village compared to others. It was very isolated in the wilderness, which cut it off from most of the outside world. This, along with the very strict religious beliefs of the Puritans, made life extremely rigid. You were enveloped in religious fervor nearly every day in this village. This was the life of the normal individual.

As for life during the trials, hysteria is the key word to describe it. Imagine yourself being in the mindset of a Puritan and already believing heavily in demonic forces. You witness, or even hear firsthand, the convulsions and trances that these women were possessed with. I would argue that you would be caught up in it as well.

Also imagine yourself as a young woman during this time. There must have been a great fear of this happening to you next. Moreover, some of these women confessed to being a witch simply because they believed it based on their religious views. This must have been a very lonely feeling. It is very important for us to consider the context when we imagine what life was like during this time.

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