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What is the significance of the title Saint Maybe in relation to Ian's life and self-loathing?

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The words "Saint Maybe" are an interesting nickname for Danny and Lucy's orphaned daughter Daphne to have given to Ian after his adoption of the three children.

It speaks both to his cautious approach to parenting the charges entrusted to his care and to his long-standing hesitation to forgive himself for his perceived guilt regarding the death of his brother, Danny, and Danny's wife Lucy, who died within months of each other. Their deaths both appeared to be suicide, with Danny driving into a wall and Lucy taking a drug overdose.

Despite being offered the position of associate minister at Reverend Emmett's Church of the Second Chance, which focuses on penance for one's sins rather than on baptism and communion, Ian struggles to commit to the idea that he is definitely worthy of his own forgiveness.

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The title Saint Maybe very aptly describes Ian’s life and the self-loathing he feel with relation to the guilt for being responsible for his brother Danny’s death.  Saint Maybe describes Ian who has committed himself to religion in the Church of Second Chance and accepts that he was wrong and that it was out of anger towards Lucy that he accused of Lucy of cheating on his brother and rearing a child that isn’t his brother’s.  Ian accepts that it was these words that drove Danny to kill himself.  Ian, out of an understanding of repentance, takes care of Danny’s three children, but continues to feel guilty until he forgives Danny and Lucy.  Saint Maybe describes Ian in his religious pursuits and his inability to do things perfectly.

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