(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

Ernest, an artist, is beaten and disfigured (losing an eye and his front teeth) when he participates in a communist demonstration aboard the ocean liner Bremen. As the story opens, his friends and family gather in his kitchen to hear Preminger, a communist deck officer aboard the Bremen (and a witness to the incident), explain what happened. Ernest’s brother, Charley, a college football player, decides to take revenge on Lueger, the German steward who beat Ernest. Ernest, however, despite his injuries, remains committed to the communist ideal and objects on the grounds that taking revenge on Lueger will serve no purpose.

Ernest is overruled by Charley and by his wife, Sally, and they tell him to leave the room while they plot against Lueger. They decide to lure him to the waiting Charley by using Sally as bait. She is to let him pick her up and to pretend to bring him home with her, and Charley is to ambush him in the street.

When the Bremen returns to New York City, Sally is briefed over and over on the plan. Lueger takes Sally to see a film and then is concerned only with reaching her apartment (she has told him she lives alone), but she stalls him with the offer of drinks to keep the original plan on schedule. She begins to have second thoughts about delivering Lueger and almost backs out completely because, even though she hates him, he is “a human being and thoughtless and unsuspecting and because her heart was softer...

(The entire section is 517 words.)