Topics for Discussion

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1. Sabriel is torn between two worlds yet comfortable in both. How do teens (or children) now deal with the pull of two cultures?

2. Colonel Horyse compares Sabriel to his daughter. Does this make him underestimate her capability as the Abhorsen?

3. How does the Charter work? Does it compare to religion in any way?

4. How does the idea of nine gates in Sabriel compare/contrast with Dante's vision of the levels of Hell in The Inferno?

5. What purpose does magic serve? What are the differences between Free Magic and Charter Magic?

6. Do people still believe in magic? Or do most people associate magic with witchcraft?

7. Is the Paperwing truly alive, or is it merely animated by the spells cast upon it?

8. Why does Touchstone conceal his true identity?

9. Does the Perimeter Command fit your idea of a military outpost? What peculiarities exist here that are not seen in the modern foot soldiers?

10. What is the importance of the recurring theme of water?

11. Is the Abhorsen a suitable father figure, or does he abandon his responsibilities to Sabriel? Would you want the Abhorsen for your father? Why or why not?

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