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1. When was Hadrian's Wall built? Who built it, and why? Would you compare it to the Berlin Wall in Germany or the Great Wall of China?

2. Describe the history and the purpose of boarding schools. How have they changed over time?

3. What is the purpose of a border patrol? What are some borders that are still being patrolled today?

4. How does the idea of nine gates in Sabriel compare/contrast with Dante's vision of the levels of Hell in The Inferno?

5. Discuss the history of—and belief in—magic and mysticism through one culture or group of people such as the Druids, the Native Americans, or the African tribes.

6. Sabriel uses skis to reach the Perimeter Command crossing. What is the history of skiing as a form of travel? When did it become more of a sport?

7. The Perimeter Command uses swords in addition to guns. Discuss the history of either weapon.

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