Sabine Ulibarrí

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Review of Mi abuela fumaba puros/My Grandma Smoked Cigars, y otros cuentos di Tierra Amarilla, by Sabine R. Ulibarrí. English Journal 71, No. 7 (November 1982): 60.

Favorable review noting that the stories in the collection appeal to a wide readership.

Torres, Lourdes. Review of El cóndor, and Other Stories, by Sabine R. Ulibarrí. Western American Literature XXIV, No. 3 (Fall 1989): 279-80.

Praises Ulibarrí's effective handling of fantastic themes in El cóndor, and Other Stories.

Urioste, Donaldo W. "Costumbrismo in Sabine R. Ulibarrí's Tierra Amarilla: Cuentos de Nuevo México." In Missions in Conflict: Essays on U. S.-Mexican Relations and Chicano Culture, edited by Renate von Bardeleben, pp. 169-78. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 1986.

Contends that Tierra Amarilla transcends the costumbrista literary tradition. Noting that the stories in the collection "focus on a facet of New Mexican life that is rapidly disappearing or is already bygone, and nostalgically depict regional customs, manners, language, types, and all the quaint local-colorist motifs that characterize this genre," Urioste maintains that they also present universal truths and themes.

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