Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

S. N. Behrman wrote two “profile”-type biographies: Duveen (1952) and Portrait of Max: An Intimate Memoir of Sir Max Beerbohm (1960). The Suspended Drawing Room (1965) is a collection of (mostly) familiar essays focusing on such notables as Robert E. Sherwood, Ferenc Molnár, and A. E. Kazan. The Worcester Account (1954), the best of Behrman’s prose works, is a collection of pieces originally published in The New Yorker. The Burning Glass (1968) is a semiautobiographical novel, and People in a Diary (1972; reissued as Tribulations and Laughter, 1972) is a memoir containing brief, often poignant essays and sketches. Behrman was also the author of numerous screenplays, including several adaptations of his own and others’ works.