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What is Cherry able to get Ponyboy to do, except for Sodapop?

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When Ponyboy initially meets Cherry Valance at the drive-in movies, she is the first Soc member that he actually gets to know, and the two teenagers have an enlightening conversation. Unlike other Soc members, Cherry does not simply judge Ponyboy by his social status and appearance. She is an authentic person who listens intently as Ponyboy recounts the time that Johnny got beat up by a group of Socs. After Pony tells his story, Cherry provides Ponyboy with insight into the nature of the Soc gang. She tells Ponyboy that "things are rough all over," and he gains valuable insights into the lives of his rival gang members (Hinton 31).

Cherry Valance also gets Ponyboy to talk about Soda's horse, Mickey Mouse. Ponyboy mentions that he has never told anyone about Mickey Mouse and is surprised that he is so open with Cherry. Similar to Sodapop, Cherry Valance is able to make Ponyboy feel comfortable enough to speak about difficult moments in his life, like witnessing Sodapop lose his beloved horse.

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