Ruth Stenstreem Biography


Born in New England on December 15, 1929, Marian Babson moved to London in 1960 and continues to make her home there, with periodic visits to the United States. Details of her private life remain scant. She worked briefly on the campaign of a Boston politician, where she learned the basics of public relations. Her experiences lent to the creation of her first series hero, Douglas Perkins, a publicist-turned-detective. Later, she worked as a secretary on temporary stints for a variety of employers, including a pop singer, a psychiatrist, a safe maker, and a solicitor. In 1976, she became secretary of the Crime Writers’ Association, a post she held until 1986.

Babson has said that her writing mysteries evolved from her fondness for reading them. Between 1971 and 1987, she wrote more than twenty mysteries. In one interview, she named straight suspense and crime mixed with comedy as her two favorite genres, yet she does not limit her work to them, saying, “I don’t think writers ought to be too predictable.” Her versatility is evidenced by her work for various magazines, including Woman’s Realm and Woman’s Own.