Russell Kirk Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Randolph of Roanoke: A Study in Conservative Thought (biography) 1951; revised as John Randolph of Roanoke: A Study in American Politics with Speeches and Letters, 1978

The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Santayana (nonfiction) 1953; revised as The Conservative Mind from Burke to Eliot, 1960

A Program for Conservatives (nonfiction) 1954; revised as Prospects for Conservatives, 1956

Academic Freedom: An Essay in Definition (essay) 1955

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice (essays) 1956

The American Cause (nonfiction) 1957

Old House of Fear (novel) 1961

The Surly Sullen Bell: Ten Stories and Sketches, Uncanny or Uncomfortable, with a Note on the Ghostly Tale (short stories) 1962

Confessions of a Bohemian Tory: Episodes and Reflections of a Vagrant Career (essays) 1963

The Intemperate Professor and Other Cultural Splenetics (essays) 1965

A Creature of the Twilight: His Memorials (novel) 1966

Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered (biography) 1967

The Political Principles of Robert A. Taft [with James McClellan] (philosophy) 1967

Enemies of the Permanent Things: Observations of Abnormity in Literature and Politics (essays) 1969

Eliot and His Age: T. S. Eliot's Moral Imagination in the Twentieth Century (criticism) 1971

The Roots of American Order (nonfiction) 1974

Decadence and Renewal in the Higher Learning (essays) 1978

Lord of the Hollow Dark (novel) 1979

The Princess of All Lands (short stories) 1979

Reclaiming a Patrimony (lectures) 1982

Watchers at the Strait Gate (short stories) 1984

The Conservative Constitution (essays) 1990; revised as Rights and Duties: Reflections on Our Conservative Constitution, 1997

The Politics of Prudence (lectures) 1993

The Sword of Imagination: Memoirs of a Half-Century of Literary Conflict (memoir) 1995

Redeeming the Time (lectures and essays) 1996