Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Harry Domin

Harry Domin, the general manager of Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.). He is dedicated to the idea that humans ought to be completely free from the slavery of work.

Helena Glory

Helena Glory, the daughter of the president of R.U.R. and later the wife of Harry Domin. Concerned both over the robots’ living conditions and over the millions of people out of work, she believes that the robots should be given souls. When this plan proves disastrous, she burns the formula for making robots.

Dr. Gall

Dr. Gall, the scientist who is persuaded by Helena to give souls to the robots.

Mr. Alquist

Mr. Alquist, the head of the R.U.R. works department. He recognizes that human idleness is not the perfect goal Domin thinks it to be. Because, like the robots, he works with his hands, he is the only human being in the world spared after the uprising of the robots. He is, however, unable to duplicate the formula for robot manufacture.


Primus, a robot.


Helena, a robot made in Helena Glory’s image. In some miraculous way, Helena loves and is loved by Primus. With humankind destroyed and robot manufacture no longer possible, these two completely human robots remain as the only hope for the reproduction of new life.


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Mr. Alquist
Alquist is an architect and the Head of the Works Department at R.U.R. He is older and a traditionalist....

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