Why was Robin startled in "Runaway"?

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Robin is startled to discover that the man who slammed the door in her face forty years ago was not in fact the man she came to meet, Danilo, but his mentally disabled twin brother, Alexander.

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Back in the day, Robin had lost her purse at a theater in Stratford—the one in Canada—after attending a performance of Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra. Unable to find it, she made her way to the train station. On her way there, she bumped into a stranger who invited her back to his house. The man's name was Danilo, an immigrant from Montenegro, which at that time was in Yugoslavia.

After eating a pleasant dinner together, Danilo walks Robin to the train station. Before they part company, they share a passionate embrace. They agree to meet again next summer, the next time that Robin comes to Stratford to catch a play.

The next time Robin comes to Stratford, she duly keeps her promise and goes to see Danilo at his workshop, which also happens to be his home. However, when she turns up on his doorstep, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Instead of being pleased to see her and welcoming her across the threshold, Danilo slams the door in Robin's face. Crestfallen and humiliated, Robin starts to think that the woman at work was right: you can't trust anything in trousers.

Fast forward forty years later, and Robin is working as a nurse in a psychiatric unit. She comes across a patient who looks just like Danilo, albeit much older. Much to her astonishment, she finds out that this is in fact his mentally disabled twin brother, Alexander. He, not Danilo, was the one who slammed the door in her face all those years ago.

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