Roy A(rthur) Gallant Rev. Francis R. Carmody, S.J. - Essay

Rev. Francis R. Carmody, S.J.

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Man's Reach for the Stars] will be a delight to those who wish to learn more details about man's conquest of space. Roy Gallant gathers together in an interesting way some of the vast knowledge man has acquired about space in recent years. He offers an explanation of why man has traveled to the moon. The book is especially helpful in presenting some of the challenge of aerospace travel to both man's mind and body…. The book offers a fine chronicle of the progress in medicine and engineering that has made it possible for man to realize his goals in space.

Rev. Francis R. Carmody, S.J., "'Man's Reach for the Stars'," in Best Sellers (copyright 1971, by the University of Scranton), Vol. 31, No. 18, December 15, 1971, p. 433.

Are creative geniuses born or made? Even though the pretentious subtitle [of Charles Darwin: The Making of a Scientist] might lead a potential reader to believe that the author might have some fresh insights on this classic conflict, nowhere in the book is the subject broached in depth. Gallant has essentially written an abbreviated, light biography with substantially the same viewpoint as Sir Gavin de Beer's Charles Darwin: A Scientific Biography. Although de Beer is certainly a recognized Darwin scholar, Gallant has apparently not perused more current biographical literature on Darwin…. The saving feature of Gallant's book is the frequent use of quotes from Darwin's books, letters, and autobiography. Perhaps no young scientist should miss being introduced to the idiom of the 19th-century naturalists; in this vein, Gallant's book will suffice.

"Science-Biography: 'Charles Darwin: The Making of a Scientist'," in Science Books (copyright 1972 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science), Vol. VIII, No. 1 (May, 1972), p. 15.