Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

Roy Fuller was a competent novelist and may well be considered a poet-novelist, much like Thomas Hardy. His principal novels are The Second Curtain (1953), The Perfect Fool (1963), My Child, My Sister (1965), and The Carnal Island (1970). He wrote several children’s novels, including Savage Gold: A Story of Adventure (1946) and With My Little Eye: A Mystery Story for Teenagers (1948). He also edited Byron for To-day (1948) and Fellow Mortals (1981), an anthology of animal verse. His autobiography was issued in a number of volumes: Souvenirs (1980), Vamp Till Ready: Further Memoirs (1982), and Home and Dry: Memoirs III (1984), reissued in complete form as The Strange and the Good: Collected Memoirs (1989).