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Questions and Answers: Act V

1. Why is Blunt so embarrassed to be seen by his friends?

2. Who intervenes and keeps Pedro from raping Florinda? Why is this odd?

3. Why is Frederick's promise to Florinda strange?

4. How does Angelica go from loving Willmore to trying to kill him?

5. What is the significance of how Hellena introduces herself to Willmore?

1. Lucetta, the seeming whore, has stolen all of his clothes and his purse. Blunt does not want his friends to see him in his disheveled, disrobed state.

2. Valeria's quick wits keep Pedro from raping Florinda. This is odd because Florinda doesn't remove her mask, revealing her identity and thus saving herself from her brother. Female cooperation saves Florinda, not male gallantry.


(The entire section is 243 words.)