Questions and Answers: Act IV

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1. What leverage does Antonio have to ask Belvile to fight a life-threatening duel for him?

2. What interrupts the imminent marriage of Belvile and Florinda?

3. Why does Angelica swear revenge upon Willmore?

4. How does it end up that Angelica and Hellena together admonish Willmore for inconstancy?

5. Give some examples of women cooperating with one another so far in the play.

1. Belvile has twice fought Antonio. Both times he was helping Willmore and did not instigate the fight. Furthermore, Antonio fights for Florinda's honor, and Belvile wishes for that as well. In addition, Antonio is the Vice-Roy's son and a powerful figure. Belvile could be killed for attacking Antonio and is grateful for any reprieve.
2. Willmore greets Belvile and Pedro sees Belvile's real face and realizes that he is not Antonio. Pedro will not allow Belvile to marry Florinda.

3. Angelica has seen that Willmore is unfaithful and will not give up his promiscuous ways, and this infuriates her to the point where she swears revenge.

4. Dressed in men's clothes and unrecognized by Angelica, Hellena pretends to be a messenger from a lady Willmore had promised to marry but abandoned. Feeling betrayed, Angelica scorns Willmore for his inconstancy, and Hellena pretends anger on behalf of the lady.

5. Hellena, Florinda and Callis sneaked off to Carnival together despite Pedro's orders. Valeria helps Florinda to escape Callis and Pedro. Moretta and Angelica have built a business of prostitution together.

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