The Rover Questions and Answers: Act III
by Aphra Behn

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Questions and Answers: Act III

1. Why is Angelica's picture removed from the gate?

2. What incites Hellena's jealousy?

3. Why does Hellena say that she and Willmore belong together?

4. Why does Hellena say she is wicked and has damned Willmore?

5. What saves Florinda from being raped by the drunken Willmore?

1. Angelica is having sex with Willmore because she loves him, although he cannot pay. She is not available to be bought, so her advertisement is taken down.

2. Willmore is late to meet Hellena and praises the joys of Angelica's bed in Hellena's hearing. This makes her quite jealous.

3. Hellena says that she and Willmore share the same nature: inconstancy. In her eyes, therefore, they are meant for each other.

4. Hellena has made Willmore promise not to see Angelica, but she knows that he will break that promise. By forcing him to promise, she gains leverage over him.

5. Belvile's late arrival in the garden means that he hears Florinda yelling for help and comes to her rescue. Belvile's sword dissuades Willmore from raping Florinda.