Questions and Answers: Act II

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1. Why do Blunt's friends laugh at his new love?

2. Who are Angelica's first two suitors, and why do they fight over Florinda?

3. Why does Antonio fight Willmore?

4. Explain why Angelica does not throw the insolent Willmore out of her home.

5. Why does Moretta despise Willmore?

1. They suspect that his new love is actually a whore or a thief, despite Blunt's protestations. They do not believe he can accurately discern the situation and doubt that a gentlewoman has fallen in love with such a buffoon.

2. Don Pedro and Don Antonio both desire Angelica and have the means to pay for her. However, Antonio has agreed to marry Florinda, and so her brother Pedro is angered by his infidelity and demands a duel.

3. Willmore takes a small portrait of Angelica for himself, and Antonio regards that as an insult to Angelica. They duel because neither will give way.

4. Angelica falls in love with his honest appreciation of her beauty and straightforward condemnation of money in love.

5. Willmore threatens Angelica's profitable prostitution business. If she falls in love with him, she will probably stop working and definitely will gain few new clients. Moretta is Angelica's servant, so she would feel the pinch if money were to run low.

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