Summary and Analysis: Act V

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Belvile calls Blunt from outside the locked door, but Blunt does not answer. Belvile has a servant batter the door with a chair, and Blunt calls out that he is "a little busy." First pretending to be engaged in business, then prayer, Blunt finally announces he has a girl inside. Belvile calls out to open the door and share the fun, and he has the servants break down the door.

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Belvile, Willmore, Frederick, Pedro and a servant enter and begin to laugh at Blunt and his strange attire. They mock Blunt for not knowing that the woman was a thief and a whore and for coming to her defense. Blunt threatens to fight them. Pedro apologizes on behalf of his country. Regaining his composure, Blunt praises Pedro and tells his friends that a woman assaulted him in this room and would have raped him had he not had his sword ready. Frederick tells them all that the woman redeemed herself with a ring, and Blunt proudly produces it.

Belvile instantly recognizes the ring as the one he gave Florinda. He whispers to Blunt to be quiet and not reveal the woman or the story. Pedro and Willmore clamor to see the woman. Belvile announces that he who has the longest sword gets the girl, and they all draw. However, Spanish swords are longer than British swords, so Pedro's is the longest. At a loss of what to do, Belvile allows Frederick to take Pedro to the girl.

A moment later, the masked Florinda runs into the room, pursued by Pedro and with Willmore lustily following her with his eyes. Willmore recognizes her as the woman he followed and tells them all that perhaps the lady needs to choose her man willingly, rather than be forced. Pedro agrees to this. Before Florinda can speak, Valeria rushes into the room. Seeing Don Pedro, she does not know what to do and tells him that she has been seeking him. He inquires if Florinda is safe, so Valeria knows she has not been discovered yet. Valeria tells Pedro that Florinda escaped in servant's clothes, and Callis will tell the rest of the story if Pedro goes to her.

Pedro tells Belvile to return Florinda if she comes to him, and he leaves to find Callis. Valeria quickly tells Belvile and Florinda to marry before Pedro returns. Frederick and Willmore are pardoned by Florinda for the near gang-rape as long as they marry a woman who does not hate them. Frederick denies his very nature by agreeing, but Belvile calls him on this change of heart. Valeria announces that she is to marry Frederick, and Belvile is called upon to witness the "bargain." Blunt, too, is forgiven, but no promises are extracted from him.

Willmore is left to guard the door as the two couples go to marry, but a servant brings a woman to him. Assuming it is Hellena, Willmore runs to her. The masked Angelica draws a gun and forces him back. Confused, Willmore asks her to explain, and Angelica pulls off her mask. Willmore begs for a moment to speak, and Angelica grants it because she is still in love with him. Willmore tries to apologize and speaks of his good, religious life. Unconvinced, Angelica denounces him. She keeps the pistol trained on his chest as he tells her that all men break vows, so why is he to be punished for the crimes of many? Angelica responds that she has only returned her love to him, showing that not even could master her own feelings and could not make all men her slave. Without any honor remaining or the desire for power over men, Angelica believes she is ruined and prepared for death. Willmore offers her a purse full of gold, but Angelica silences him and prepares to shoot.

Antonio enters with his arm in a sling, manages to seize the pistol, and demands the right to fight for Angelica. Recognizing Willmore, Antonio offers to shoot him for Angelica. She protests even as Willmore draws his sword. Angelica bids Antonio to stop if he loves her, and he...

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