The Rover Summary and Analysis: Act II, scenes i – ii

Aphra Behn

Summary and Analysis: Act II, scenes i – ii

New Characters
Moretta: Angelica's servant.

Diego: Antonio's page.

Musicians: Traveling with the Vice Roy's son, they are intended to impress Angelica with Antonio and his money.

Belvile and Frederick, both masked, stand by a garden gate. Willmore enters without a disguise. He dismisses their fears of being recognized for their felonious activity by saying that the Gypsy he flirted with would be unable to recognize him. He says that the woman has activated his heart. Blunt enters and declares that he is in love with the young woman he had been flirting with, and that he will sell his property in England to live beside her. Upon further...

(The entire section is 1568 words.)