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Sister Mary Columba, P.B.V.M.

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Marcia Mill discovers new pressures, new adjustments, new problems in her life after her father remarries. Her brilliant stepsister brings competition, so she tries to attain a higher academic standing. Her sister, Sharon, whose husband has been in Vietnam for over a year, becomes pregnant, but doesn't want her husband to know. Her father arranges for an abortion….

The first part of [None of the Above] is an interesting story of family situations and events with a stepmother and her daughter trying to become part of this family. The stepmother counsels Marcia about getting "caught" as her sister did. Marcia promises to be virtuous.

The latter half is disgusting as it vividly depicts sexual relations. Raymond [Marcia's boyfriend] is a Catholic. He belittles prayer and confession. Sex seems to be the only thing in his life. Marcia's goal is now marriage—not a college education. She gets "sick" and later slips on Raymond's ring because she love him.

The book is definitely not for ages thirteen and up. Adults would find parts of it lacking in morality. (pp. 519-20)

Sister Mary Columba, P.B.V.M., in Best Sellers (copyright 1975, by the University of Scranton), February 15, 1975.

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