Questions and Answers: Section V

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Study Questions
1. What happens to Tobe after Miss Emily’s death?

2. What are some of the older men wearing at Miss Emily’s funeral?

3. Which room do the townspeople open once Miss Emily is “decently in the ground…”?

4. What kinds of objects are found in the room once it is opened?

5. What is found on the pillow next to the skeleton?

1. Tobe leaves Miss Emily’s house and is never seen again.

2. Some of the old men are wearing brushed Confederate uniforms.

3. The townspeople open a room above the stairs that has not been opened for forty years.

4. Among other things, there is an array of crystal, a man’s silver toiletry set, a collar with a tie, and a man’s suit.

5. On the pillow next to the skeleton there is a long strand of iron-gray hair.

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