A Rose for Emily Questions and Answers Section IV
by William Faulkner

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Questions and Answers Section IV

Study Questions
1. Why did the Baptist minister call on Miss Emily?

2. What did Miss Emily buy from the town jeweler?

3. About how many years pass between the time of Homer Barron’s disappearance and Miss Emily’s death?

4. What change took place in Miss Emily’s relationship with the town for a period of several years when Miss Emily was in her forties?

5. Were the new generation of town leaders able to collect taxes from Miss Emily?

1. The minister was forced by some of the ladies in town to talk with Miss Emily about her being a bad example for the town.

2. Miss Emily purchased a man’s silver toilet set with the initials “H. B.” engraved on each piece.

3. Miss Emily was in her thirties when she met Homer Barron, and she was seventy-four when she died.

4. Miss Emily opened up her house for china-painting lessons for the town’s children.

5. No, the town was never able to collect taxes from Miss Emily. Each year the request for the taxes was returned by the post office unopened.