Questions and Answers Section II

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Study Questions
1. Why doesn’t Judge Stevens want to confront Miss Emily about “the smell”?

2. What did Miss Emily inherit from her father?

3. What were the minister and the doctor trying to convince Miss Emily of doing after her father’s death?

4. How many years pass between “the smell” in Section II and the deputation in Section I that visits Miss Emily about her taxes?

5. What do town members finally do about “the smell”?

1. Judge Stevens believes that he can not “accuse a lady to her face of smelling bad.…”

2. Miss Emily’s father willed her the house but apparently left her with no money.

3. The men were trying to convince Miss Emily of disposing of her father’s body properly.

4. Thirty years pass between the two events.

5. A group of men sprinkle lime around Miss Emily’s house and in her cellar.

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