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A Worksheet for the video/DVD of "A Rose for Emily"

by troutmiller

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
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Using the Video and Discussion

  • List five things that everyone should know about William Faulkner:
  • The house and Emily herself seem to be reflections of the family’s changing fortunes in the story. Show me how:
  • Give three (3) examples of how the town cannot deal normally with Miss Emily.
  • Miss Emily may be nuts! Give at least two examples of her inability to cope with real life.
  • Explain why you think Emily is so attracted to Homer Baron.
  • List some examples of FORESHADOWING in the story.
  • Explain the IRONY of the title of this story. How is it ironic in terms of roses and romance?
  • Since Faulkner only wrote about people he knew in his home town or neighboring counties, this woman must have existed! Write a short newspaper article telling the town of the discovery of the body:


This worksheet is a good way to keep students involved when watching the video of "A Rose for Emily." Some teachers don't read the story, so this is for those teachers who "teach" it through the video.

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