A Rose for Emily Characters at a Glance

"A Rose for Emily" key characters:

  • In "A Rose for Emily," Emily Grierson is the last surviving member of an old Southern family; her proud and eccentric behavior enters the realm of the psychotic when the body of her lover is found many years later in her bed.

  • Emily’s father, a proud man, chases all Emily’s suitors away in the belief that they are not good enough for her; his death leaves Emily deeply disturbed and more isolated than ever.

  • Homer Barron, a construction foreman from the North, becomes Emily’s suitor to the town’s surprise and dismay, but disappears just when a wedding seems imminent.

  • Colonel Sartoris, an important character in other Faulkner works, exempts Emily from paying taxes in an act of gentlemanly charity but displays intolerance and racism toward others.

  • Emily’s cousins come to visit to discourage her relationship with Homer Barron; they are arrogant and unlikeable.


Homer Barron
Homer Barron is the Yankee construction foreman who becomes Emily Grierson’s first real beau. His...

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