Rosa Parks Critical Context
by James Haskins

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Critical Context

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

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Rosa Parks is more than the autobiography of a great freedom fighter. The book unearths myriad civil rights precursors in Rosa Parks’s family and community who survived indignities with their pride and courage intact. Besides Rosa Parks, young readers may want to peruse Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi (1968) and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970) for more glimpses of the challenges that black girls and women faced in the South. Much like Rosa Parks, James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953), Malcolm X’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965), Alex Haley’s Roots (1976), and Gordon Parks’s The Learning Tree (1963) and Voices in the Mirror (1990) are wonderful melanges on African American cultural history and social critique. Providing a searing glance of what it was like to be black in America before the Civil Rights movement—and especially the South—Rosa Parks is a primer on the contradictions of the American Dream.