(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Rory O’More

Rory O’More, an Irish peasant who suffers through his unselfish efforts for Irish freedom and has to escape to America with his wife Kathleen.

Mary O’More

Mary O’More, his sister, who is to marry Horace de Lacy in America.

Shan Regan

Shan Regan, who is refused marriage to Mary and therefore forbids his sister Kathleen’s marriage to Rory. After many crimes, he is killed by the police.

Kathleen Regan

Kathleen Regan, Shan’s sister. Shan refuses her to be married to Rory, so they marry in secret.

Horace de Lacy

Horace de Lacy, an Irish patriot who brings Napoleon’s offer of aid in the rebellion of 1798. He contracts smallpox and is nursed by Mary. The family is proud to have this gentleman of good bloodlines share their home. He returns to France to find that his sweetheart has married another man and that Napoleon has withdrawn his promised support of Ireland. He returns to Ireland, then travels to America, where he will marry Mary O’More.

De Welskein

De Welskein, a smuggler to whom profit means more than political liberty. Although he is saved by Rory and de Lacy, he betrays them and ships them to France.


Scrubbs, an English tax collector. Rory is charged with his murder. Scrubbs reappears at the trial, but even so, Rory is convicted. The judge sets the verdict aside.

The Colonel of the Police

The Colonel of the Police, who is outwitted by Rory.