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Daemones (DEE-muh-nehz), an elderly and kindly Athenian spending his last years in exile because of debts incurred through his excessive generosity. His sorrows are increased by the absence of his daughter Palaestra, stolen from him years before and sold to the procurer Labrax. A series of coincidences finally brings father and daughter face to face, reveals their identities to each other, and unites all in a joyful celebration.


Palaestra (pah-LEHS-truh), Daemones’ daughter, who had been kidnapped and sold to the procurer Labrax. On the way to Sicily to be resold by her master, she is shipwrecked and cast ashore near the house of Daemones. Seeking shelter in the temple of Venus, she is set upon by Labrax, who has been washed up from the sea and is determined to recover his slave. After her rescue by Daemones, her identity is established by trinkets from Labrax’s wallet. She is received with joy by her long-lost father and betrothed to Plesidippus.


Labrax (LA-braks), a procurer who buys the kidnapped child Palaestra. On the way to Sicily to resell his slave, he is shipwrecked and loses sight of her when she gets ashore in a boat. Later, when her identity is established by trinkets from his wallet, he is forced to relinquish her on the grounds that she had been born free.


Plesidippus (pleh-sih-DIH-puhs), a young man in love with Palaestra and finally betrothed to her.


Charmides (KAHR-mih-deez), a cohort of Labrax.


Ampelisca (am-peh-LIHS-kuh), a slave girl shipwrecked and rescued with Palaestra.


Trachalio (truh-KAY-lee-oh), Plesidippus’ servant.


Gripus (GRI-puhs), Daemones’ servant.

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