Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 89 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 89 Summary

Tom Lea allows George to help Mingo with the prize-winning chickens more and more. George is amazed at the specific foods given to these birds. He also notices the similarity between Mingo (with his hands scratched so many times by spurs) to the old “catchcocks” (with their many spur scars as well). One day, George hears Mingo telling Tom Lea that there will probably be forty good trained birds for the cockfights this year.

Tom becomes more confident in George's ability to handle his prize birds; therefore, he demands that George leave his mother’s cabin and stay in a new cabin by the chickens that both Mingo and George can build. Of course, the hard part about his new arrangement is telling Kizzy. Feeling the...

(The entire section is 685 words.)