Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 76 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 76 Summary

Kunta performs a special ritual every day before dawn. He has done this for years, and it has caused everyone to joke that Kunta can see in the dark because he gets up so early. He awakens, walks to the barn, and in the privacy among the hay bales, Kunta Kinte turns to the East and prays to Allah. By the time Kunta feeds the horses and returns, Kizzy is fed, dressed, and ready to work for the day.

Kunta begins to notice a field hand slave named Noah who has distinct features from the Jaloff tribe. Noah is not much older than Kizzy and reminds Kunta of himself. Noah says little but sees all. Kunta often notices Noah watching Kizzy, especially when Kizzy and Missy Anne are playing together. Kunta begins to catch Noah’s...

(The entire section is 521 words.)