Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 72 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 72 Summary

Kunta is bothered by the gardener’s death for even longer than the other slaves. Finally, Bell snaps Kunta out of the doldrums by mentioning Kizzy’s second birthday. Kunta decides to make Kizzy a present: a very special doll with skin polished to shine of ebony.

Missy Anne will be at the Waller plantation for the entire weekend of Kizzy’s birthday. Master Waller promises Missy Anne that Kizzy can celebrate her birthday in the big house among the whites. This upsets Kunta Kinte to no end. He does not want Kizzy to have this kind of relationship with a toubob. To make things worse, Missy Anne now insists that Kizzy spend an entire day (almost every week) at John Waller’s plantation. Of course, William Waller wants...

(The entire section is 577 words.)