Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 68 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 68 Summary

Kunta notices that Bell is acting strangely. She doesn’t talk nearly as much and sighs all of the time. Bell is pregnant and tells Kunta by placing his hand on her belly and smiling. Kunta is beside himself with joy. Sure that their child is a boy, Kunta imagines Bell as a woman of the Mandinka tribe in Africa carrying his baby on her back and working on her plot of rice outside the village. In fact, Bell’s pregnancy brings Kunta Kinte closer to Africa even than his visits with the drum-playing Ghanaian.

By using his gourd and the stones within it, Kunta figures out that he is twenty-two years old now. Kunta continues in his solitary state that Bell calls “his Africanisms” until Bell awakens in...

(The entire section is 642 words.)