Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 67 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 67 Summary

Kunta is a bit saddened that he doesn’t have quite the same relationship with Fiddler and the gardener as he did when he was single. Still, even though everyone is not as quick to share stories, Kunta does feel more accepted by the slaves of the plantation, almost as if his marriage to Bell makes Kunta a part of them at last.

One day, the gardener and Fiddler tell Kunta about the census the white people are having in Virginia. Fiddler says that the white people are participating just to make sure that the whites still outnumber the blacks. Fiddler tells Kunta about how in the West Indies, there are so many slaves on sugar plantations there that blacks outnumber the whites one thousand to one. Kunta is astounded at how...

(The entire section is 509 words.)