Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 30 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 30 Summary

Kunta knows that this trip with Lamin calls for more than just a strip of cloth and a prayer at their own travelers' tree. Therefore, Kunta Kinte ties to the tree a live chicken, flapping and squawking, to ensure their safe journey. Soon, they set off in silence just as Omoro had set off with Kunta only a few rains earlier.

Kunta is constantly aware of Lamin behind him. Kunta wants Lamin to struggle but never to fall. Falling would hurt the pride of his little brother. They pass a tree strung with beads that means there are pagans living near. They pass a group of men hollowing out a log to float on the river. Kunta lets his mind wander, but he doesn't forget Lamin. Finally, they stop to drink at a stream and, echoing...

(The entire section is 509 words.)