Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 28 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 28 Summary

Kunta, one of the newest men of Juffure back from his manhood training, marvels at his own loneliness. He is bewildered by it because he knows every man, woman, child, even every animal in his Mandinka village. Kunta is also confused because his farm plot and its spoils fail to provide complete happiness, too. How could a man with all of these blessings be lonely?

Thinking on it further, Kunta realizes his loneliness has roots in his own immediate family. Omoro doesn't have time for Kunta. Binta doesn't either (in that she has Kunta's three younger brothers to look after). Lamin is no longer close with Kunta because when Kunta went away to manhood training, Suwadu became Lamin's little charge, just as Lamin became...

(The entire section is 541 words.)