Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chapter 17 Summary

Alex Haley

Chapter 17 Summary

Kunta Kinte’s brother, Lamin, is so horrified by the stories about the toubob stealing slaves that Kunta decides to change the subject after his next afternoon herding goats. Luckily, Kunta decides to share instead a story about the exciting adventures of his two uncles (Omoro’s brothers): Janneh and Saloum.

Janneh and Saloum are travelers. They travel so much that neither one has ever taken a wife. Fighting off bandits is a common event for Janneh and Saloum, and they have been to places that Kunta and Lamin can only dream about. One place is a huge ocean of sand that never ends and where the sun burns hotter than even in the Gambia. One place is so enveloped in trees that it looks just like night in the middle of...

(The entire section is 661 words.)