The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill Analysis

Hermann Hagedorn

Form and Content

(Critical Edition of Young Adult Fiction)

InThe Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill, Hermann Hagedorn has written the biography of one of the United States’ most influential and popular presidents, not by concentrating on his public and political activities but by relating the saga of Theodore Roosevelt through his relations with his family at their home at Oyster Bay, Long Island, in New York State. The book is thus a collective biography centered on their lives at Sagamore Hill. This approach allows the author to humanize even further one of the most human of American historical figures. “T. R.” or “Teddy,” the first president to respond effectively to the challenges of modern urban-industrial society, was a larger-than-life figure and the favorite of cartoonists and journalists. Only forty-two when he became president upon the assassination of William McKinley in 1901, Roosevelt was the youngest American president, and his equally young family—there were six children—captured the attention of the country through the media of the nation’s magazines and newspapers. The Roosevelts became the First Family in a manner never seen before in the United States.

Charmingly written with numerous anecdotes and incidents, The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill is told chronologically, beginning with Roosevelt’s construction of his Long Island home at Oyster Bay, New York—the home that Roosevelt called Sagamore Hill—and his marriage to his second wife, Edith Carow. The...

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