Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Lucy Honeychurch

Lucy Honeychurch, a young Englishwoman. As a traveler in Italy, she is disappointed that her room at the pension has no view. Unwillingly, she changes rooms with Mr. Emerson and his son, George, whom she regards as ill bred. For the rest of her stay abroad and back at home in England, she tries to stifle her attraction to George. Finally, she is led by Mr. Emerson to acknowledge her love for his son, and she starts to live the truth she has learned, by marrying him.

Mr. Emerson

Mr. Emerson, an Englishman. Aware of Lucy Honeychurch’s love for his son George, he draws from her an admission of her love and inspires her to acknowledge and to live the truth she has learned.

George Emerson

George Emerson, Mr. Emerson’s son, who is in love with Lucy Honeychurch, whom he finally marries.

Charlotte Bartlett

Charlotte Bartlett, Lucy Honeychurch’s cousin and chaperon in Italy.

The Reverend Arthur Beebe

The Reverend Arthur Beebe, Lucy Honeychurch’s friend and rector.

Cecil Vyse

Cecil Vyse, Lucy Honeychurch’s fiancé. She breaks her engagement with him when George Emerson tells her of his love but before she has acknowledged, even to herself, her love for George.

Mrs. Honeychurch

Mrs. Honeychurch, Lucy Honeychurch’s mother.

Miss Eleanor Lavish

Miss Eleanor Lavish, a novelist,

Miss Catherine Alan

Miss Catherine Alan, and

Miss Teresa Alan

Miss Teresa Alan, guests at the Italian pension, later neighbors of Lucy Honeychurch.

Freddy Honeychurch

Freddy Honeychurch, Lucy Honeychurch’s brother.