In Emma Donoghue's Room, a gripping story is told through the eyes of five-year-old Jack, who is unknowingly held captive with his mom in their eleven-by-eleven-foot room. The story unfolds as Jack begins to understand the reality of his world. There are many important quotes by Jack and Ma that tell the story.

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"After nap we do Scream every day but not Saturday or Sundays. We clear our throats and climb up on Table to be nearer Skylight, holding hands not to fall." Just as any mother in the outside world protects their child, Ma fiercely protects Jack. She raises him to believe the whole world is Room and every item around them and every minute spent is part of normal childhood activity.

"It's all real in Outside, everything there is, because I saw an airplane in the blue between the clouds. Ma and me can't go there because we don't know the secret code, but it's real all the same." Jack and Ma's escape to freedom begins as Jack realizes his captivity. His understanding increases. "Before I didn't know to be mad that we can't open Door, my head was too small to have Outside in it."

"Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing." Ma's encouragement to Jack displays her own courage and maturity in dealing with their tortured situation. Ma has been "doing" bravery for years, even though she was "feeling" scared. She passes this philosophy on to her son.

"Me and Ma have a deal, we're going to try everything one time so we know what we like." After their escape, Jack and Ma begin the journey to reintegrate into a world of freedoms.

"People don't always want to be with people. It gets tiring." Despite living in a new and free world, Jack and Ma struggle to cope with their new lives, as they have to find a different relationship dynamic amidst all of the other social, physical, and emotional stimulus.