Room Characters

The main characters of Room by Emma Donoghue are Ma and Jack. There are a few minor characters who are important, as well.

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Ma is a young woman in her mid-twenties. She was kidnapped as a teenager and has been held as a prisoner in Old Nick's shed for eight years. She has a son named Jack, who is the result of a forced sexual encounter with Old Nick. She previously gave birth to a stillborn daughter, who was also Old Nick's child. While in "Room," Ma provides a relatively safe atmosphere for her son, Jack, putting his well-being before her own. We see how she has learned to survive under dire circumstances. She has no real power over what food or medications Old Nick brings to them, and he, of course, does not want to risk taking her out in public. As a result, Ma has a painful, rotting tooth for which she can get no treatment. She sometimes becomes quiet and retreats into herself, though most of the time she is able to put on a brave face for her son. She comes up with an escape plan and has Jack help her execute it, and the two are able to free themselves of Old Nick. However, Ma suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts and even tries to kill herself. She is clearly and understandably psychologically damaged by her trauma, but her love for Jack is strong and unbreakable.

Jack is a five-year-old boy who grows up in Room. His mother, Ma, gave birth to him and raised him in this shed behind Old Nick's house where the two are imprisoned. Jack, however, knows nothing of the circumstances because Ma tries to protect him. He is the narrator and is very innocent and naive. He bravely plays his part and helps himself and his mom escape Room. After the escape, he has to adjust to the "real...

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