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(Poets and Poetry in America)

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Ronald Wallace has published short fiction, books of literary criticism, and scholarly articles and reviews in a number of journals. In 1989, he edited a poetry anthology, Vital Signs: Contemporary American Poetry from the University Presses.


(Poets and Poetry in America)

Ronald Wallace’s writing has garnered many honors, including several poetry awards from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. A book of short stories won the Mid-List Press First Fiction Award. He has received a creative writing fellowship and three creative writing grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board. He also won a Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His For a Limited Time Only won the 2008 Posner Book-Length Poetry Award and the 2009 Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award.


(Poets and Poetry in America)

Falkenstein, Linda. “The Hero of Ron Wallace’s New Fiction Looks a Lot Like the Author Himself: Or Does He?” Isthmus (February 25, 1995). This article focuses mainly on the short-story collection Quick Bright Things but includes biographical information and Wallace’s thoughts about writing in general.

Wallace, Ronald. “’He Is Mad Which Makes Two’: A Sonnet Project.” AWP Chronicle 30, no. 1 (1997). This article details the writing of The Uses of Adversity. In it, Wallace explains how he came to write the book, as well as his ideas about poetic form.

_______. “’To Tell One’s Name’: The Audience for Poetry.” Wisconsin Academy Review (Summer, 1996): 9-13. This essay contains biographical information and an overview of trends in contemporary American poetry.