Ronald L. Fair Phyllis R. Klotman - Essay

Phyllis R. Klotman

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

If the "Negro is America's metaphor," as Richard Wright has said, then it is valid for us to assume that the Running Man, a recurrent figure in Afro-American literature, is one of the black writer's most effective metaphors, the symbol through which he has been able to express his view of America's agony. In fiction, drama and autobiography Afro-American writers since Ralph Ellison, men like William Kelley, LeRoi Jones (Imamu Ameer Baraka), Douglas Turner Ward, Ronald L. Fair have used running as one method of articulating their conception of the black experience in America. [In Kelley's A Diffrent Drummer, Ward's Day of Absence, and Fair's Many Thousand Gone] the Running Man is the passive...

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