Ron Goulart Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Ronald Joseph Goulart was born to Joseph Silveria Goulart and Josephine (Macri) Goulart on January 13, 1933, in Berkeley, California. He studied writing with Anthony Boucher while still in high school. Boucher had an admittedly strong influence on Goulart’s career, especially in his penchant for mixing the genres of mystery and detective and science fiction.

Goulart enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1951 and received a bachelor of arts in 1955. After college, he began a career as an advertising copywriter with the San Francisco firm of Guild, Bascom, and Bonfigli, where he worked in two separate stints (1955-1957 and 1958-1960). He moved to Los Angeles in 1961 to take a consulting copywriting job with Alan Alch, Inc., where he remained through 1963. He left the advertising field in that year to pursue writing full-time. Goulart married fellow writer Fran Sheridan in 1964, and two sons, Sean and Steffan, were eventually born to them. Goulart returned to advertising copywriting briefly from 1966 to 1968 with the San Francisco firm of Hoefer, Dieterich, and Brown. In 1968 he became a full-time freelance writer, and he has created an enormous volume of work that includes original novels in a variety of genres, novelizations of films, comics, television series, short-story collections, entries in existing series under house pseudonyms, collaborative fictional efforts, and a considerable body of nonfiction.

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