Romiette and Julio

by Sharon M. Draper

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What are Destiny's concerns about Romi meeting a boy?

Expert Answers

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Although Romi and her new friend Julio go to the same school, they only meet for the first time online. Instantly, they hit it off. Julio's new in town and already hates it, and he's desperately lonely so he's looking for someone to hang out with. As for Romi, she's distinctly unimpressed by the boys at school, who don't seem to have much in the way of intellectual curiosity. It's not surprising, then, that she naturally gravitates towards Julio, with his his obvious intelligence.

But when Romi tells her friend Destiny about her online chat with Julio, Destiny's far from impressed. With her firm belief in astrology and the power of fate, Destiny argues that two souls can only be brought together by mystical forces, not through technology. More sensibly, she also expresses concern that Romi might fall victim to the kind of creeps who, then as now, regularly lurk on internet chat sites, looking to prey on the vulnerable.

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