Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 3 Quiz

A tisket, a tasket, what's in the friar's basket? In Act 2, Scene 3, we find out. And it's probably not what you think it is. As Friar Laurence prepares to "help" the young lovers, we, as readers or viewers, might be both moved by his compassion and suspicious of both his motives and explanations. The "solution" to the complex marriage drama becomes even more convoluted as the friar helps Romeo and Juliet abscond. How well do you understand this scene? Take our exclusive, interactive quiz to Romeo and Juliet Act 2, Scene 3 and find out. Each of our questions is ranked so that you can understand its level of difficulty and see how your score compares with others who have also taken this quiz. Give it a try! 

  1. Why does Romeo look so bedraggled?

  2. What is in Friar Laurence's basket?

  3. What assumption does Friar Laurence make, based on Romeo's appearance?

  4. Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet so hastily?

  5. What does Friar Laurence say about his medicine?

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