Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2 Quiz

Dialogue is at the heart of every Shakespearean play, moving both our emotions and the plot. There are some juicy conversations in Romeo and Juliet, Act II, scene ii. Do you remember them? Test yourself! Romeo and Juliet have a romantic tête-à-tête until they are interrupted! (Egad!) Romeo, ever the romantic, waxes lyrical as Juliet gazes out her window. Secrets are told and overheard. Love is sworn--or not. Romeo wishes as upon a star when he sees Juliet's hand upon her cheek. Is your memory jogged yet? Take eNotes' quiz to Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scene 2 to find out!

  1. Who interrupts Romeo and Juliet's private conversation?

  2. Why does Juliet ask Romeo to NOT swear on the moon, regarding his love for her?

  3. What does Romeo wish for, as he watches Juliet lean her cheek on her hand?

  4. To which of the following does Romeo NOT compare Juliet, as he gazes at her window?

  5. What does Juliet reveal that Romeo overhears?

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